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Need Air Filters?

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For your home? For your business? Look no further! At Bruce Air Filter Company we strive to exceed all expectations. Our helpful staff is on hand to help answer any questions you may have. We look forward to helping Charlotte, and the rest of the Southeast, have clean air again! Call (704) 391-7474 or email

Service Team

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Service Team   Building/Property Managers: Does your rooftop have hundreds (or even just a few) of air filters that need regular service? Tired of having your technicians change these filters when they could be working on something else? Save yourself the hassle of changing air filters – Call Bruce Air Filter Company and learn how our [...]

Got Dirty Filters?

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Got Dirty Filters? You can tell by the dark color of the pleats, and by how bowed they are, that it is past time for these filters to be changed. Neglecting to regularly change your filters leads to filters that look like these and units that do not run as efficiently as they were built to. [...]

Caught a Summer Cold?

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Caught a Summer Cold? If you fall under this category like so many of us these last couple of weeks, here are a few facts on why we are being attacked by this virus: Cooling down our indoor spaces during summer causes air to dry out, which in turn can relate to a number of issues [...]

Product Spotlight 7/16/2018

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Own/manage a restaurant? Need exhaust hood filters? Bruce Air Filter Company has the right filter and right price for your needs! Question: Why is changing these filters so important? Answer: These filters collect odors, dust, and grease in your ductless range hoods. These filters help your establishment to run smoothly without a food odor, dust swirling [...]

Product Spotlight 7/13/2018

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Our Product Spotlight today is the DP-green 13 from Airguard! Are you a building manager who is interested in earning LEED certification points? Look no further than the DP-green 13! The DP-green 13 pleat maintains MERV 13 compliance and can be used as either a pre-filter OR final filter. DP-green 13 pleats also have a low [...]

Product Spotlight 7/5/2018

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Building Managers – do you have HVAC units serving areas that might be a little more “smelly” than others? Do you have tenants who have complained of unpleasant odors time and again? Fresh Air Pleats from Airguard offer the same MERV 8 efficiency and are packed with carbon to help remove unwelcome odors from cigarette smoke, [...]