Our Product Spotlight today is the DP-green 13 from Airguard!

Are you a building manager who is interested in earning LEED certification points?

Look no further than the DP-green 13!

The DP-green 13 pleat maintains MERV 13 compliance and can be used as either a pre-filter OR final filter. DP-green 13 pleats also have a low initial resistance which will help you save on energy bills.

  • LEED Sales Brochure
  • Sales Brochure
  • 1 inch Cut Sheet
  • 2 inch Cut Sheet
  • 4 inch Cut Sheet
  • Special Sizes Cut Sheet


    Call (704) 391-7474 or email info@bruceairfilter.com to learn how we can help your property become GREENer!

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