Caught a Summer Cold?

//Caught a Summer Cold?

Caught a Summer Cold?

Caught a Summer Cold?

If you fall under this category like so many of us these last couple of weeks, here are a few facts on why we are being attacked by this virus:

Cooling down our indoor spaces during summer causes air to dry out, which in turn can relate to a number of issues – Irritated dry eyes, a dry nose, and weakened immune systems due to the sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

To take precaution, follow these simple steps to help reduce the risk of getting a summer cold:

    • Keep the temperature at comfortable levels, 70 – 75 degrees
    • Thoroughly ventilate rooms in the evening or early morning. This will help you get rid of existing air pollutants.
    • Regularly clean or replace your air filters.
    • If you use a cheaper poly or fiberglass filter, consider upgrading to a PowerGuard MERV 11 filter (picture – left) or DP-green13 MERV 13 filter (picture – right)

Sales Brochure
PowerGuard – 1 inch CutSheet
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Sales Brochure
Cut Sheet – 1 inch
Cut Sheet – 2 inch
Cut Sheet – 4 inch
Cut Sheet – Special Sizes

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