Outside Air

man changing ring panel filter covering minipleat filterwall of ring panel air filters in outside air unit

A local customer was having trouble with a unit drawing 100% outside air.  Their pleated filters were quickly getting overloaded and getting pulled through the air filter rack.

Bruce Air Filter Company came up with a solution by providing a two stage system involving 4 inch mini-pleats that are then protected by 3-ply ring panel filters.

The ring panel filters will load and protect the mini-pleats, allowing the mini-pleats to last much longer than regular pleated filters.

While we will continue to monitor how this configuration performs, the 3-ply ring panels are expected to last 1 quarter.  With regular changes to the 3-ply ring panels the mini-pleats are expected to last 1 year.

Having trouble with your current air filter configuration?  We’ve got a solution!

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