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Product Spotlight 12/18/2018

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Product Spotlight 12/18/2018 CDC Anti-Clog - Safe Functional Design Sealed, tamper-proof housing prevents skin contact with biocide Filter pad controls biocide for consistent, perfectly timed chemical release over three months Weighted, so pieces stay in position, never float away Does not clog drain ports Low profile-fits most cooling equipment Offered in 5 TONS, 15 TONS, and [...]

Did You Know?

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Did You Know?   Bruce Air Filter is proud to carry a wide variety of industrial dust filters for silo top bin vent filtration units from a wide variety of manufacturers. These filters separate product from air during conveying into silos and are cleaned with a reverse pulse. Call (704) 391-7474 or email for more [...]

New Products Coming Soon!

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New Products Coming Soon! Looking for a filter that can help neutralize annoying and potentially harmful odors? At Bruce Air Filter Company we have been experimenting with exclusive carbon media for our own custom-made carbon pleated filters! Keep your eyes on the Bruce Air Filter social media channels for more information about their release. Finally, carbon [...]

5 Tips to Save Energy During the Winter Months

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  5 Tips to Save Energy During the Winter Months Set your thermostat to 68 degrees, if you feel chilly, turn the temperature ONE degree at a time. This saves energy and saves you from costly electric bills. Change your air filters. Dirty filters restrict airflow and make your furnace work harder. Cold air is naturally [...]

Product Spotlight 10/30/2018

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Product Spotlight 10/30/2018 - Hy-Sol from Hydro-Balance Hy-Sol - Condenser Coil Degreaser Cleans and degreases Non-flammable Non-conductive No rinse Fast Evaporating **A highly concentrated solvent designed to lift away dirt, grease, oil, and grime from refrigeration and air conditioning condenser coils. Cleaning is quick and effective. Ideally suited for use on condenser coils where water clean-up [...]

Winter is Coming!

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Winter is Coming! Here are some tips when turning on your heat for the first time this year: Make sure you have clean air filters installed If you smell a burning smell, that is OK. The dust from the summer has settled into the heating elements of your furnace. That smell is the dust being burned [...]

KennedyStrong Pre-Walk Party

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KennedyStrong Foundation Pre-Walk Party This past Friday our team had the privilege of supporting a GREAT cause – KennedyStrong Foundation. This foundation sees an inclusive world where individuals with Down Syndrome are contributing members within their communities and are living out their dreams of independence. This Saturday, October 20th, there will be a Buddy Walk at [...]

Product Spotlight 10/12/2018

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Product Spotlight 10/12/2018 - Zip-Clean from Hydro-Balance Zip-Clean - No rinsing required for evaporator coils Easy to use aerosol spray cans No mixing, no sprayer, no mess Ready-to-use For evaporator coils - no rinsing required Zip-Clean is the hassle-free way to clean evaporator coils! Order today by calling (704) 391-7474 or email!

Product Spotlight 10/10/2018

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Product Spotlight 10/10/2018 - LEAK SEALER from Hydro-Balance! LEAK SEALER - Instant Leak and Patch Spray Rubberized waterproof coating for many applications LEAK SEALER provides a flexible, durable, rubberized coating which adheres to most any surface Excellent for the many sealing applications often encountered by the HVACR service technician Look no further for your quick fix [...]

Product Spotlight 10/4/2018

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Product Spotlight 10/4/2018 - Hydro-Cide from Hydro-Balance! Hydro-Cide - Biocide for Algae Control in Cooling Towers Polymeric quaternary ammonium microbiocide Controls algae, iron bacteria, and other slime-forming microorganisms in circulating water systems Highly concentrated - use 1.5 to 15 ounces per 1000 gallons (45 to 450mL per 3785L) of circulating water Non-volatile Will not be lost [...]