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Bruce Air Filter Company is proud to carry Dust Collection products.  We provide replacement cartridges and bags for a wide variety of Dust Collection Systems.  Please feel free to reach us via phone or email for additional information.

Cartridge Filters

Turbo Pulse GT

  • Powered by ProTura® Advanced Nanofiber Filtration Technology – keeping turbine systems operating at peak efficiency even in the harshest environments
  • Provides the highest efficiencies and lowest pressure drop in pulse-jet and static barrier systems
  • Reduces pressure drop to increase turbine output and extend service life
  • Heavy-duty, high-strength construction
  • Outperforms standard cartridges
  • Available in cellulose and polyester blend and 100% synthetic media
  • Moisture-resistant nanofibers and highest MERV 15 rating in the industry
  • Can be provided with pre-filter wrap (in non-pulse/static mode)
  • ProTura® is a registered trademark of Clark Filters