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One of the fastest emerging markets in the air filtration industry is the agricultural segment. Specifically, the swine farming industry has adopted air filtration as a primary means of reducing aerosol transmission of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), swine influenza, and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (Mhyo). University research and testing on farms has indicated that the use of partial and 100% filtered swine housings significantly decreases the probability of outbreaks. Preventing just one outbreak pays for the cost of the filters, which have a lifespan of several years before needing replacement.

Bruce Air Filter Company is proud to provide the CLARCOR Air Pur Ag™ Air Filtration System. Built with 100% synthetic, moisture-resistant media that prevents corrosion and delivers more airflow than competitor products. Our robust selection of pre-filters, final filters, and housings services all the filtration needs in the swine industry.

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Every day, over 1.75 million people in the United States alone travel through airport terminals. The pollutants found in these airports are similar to those found in industrial areas and around freeways, but they also include dangerous unburned hydrocarbons from jet exhaust. Indoor air quality must not be sacrificed, and at Bruce Air Filter Company, we are committed to providing air filters that provide clean, comfortable air to both airport employees and travelers during their brief stays along the way.

Bruce Air Filter Company’s standard HVAC and gas phase filters will protect passengers and employees from unhealthy and potentially dangerous levels of VOCs, hydrocarbons, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.

Our ASHRAE grade HVAC filters remove particulates from the airstream while the gas phase – or activated carbon – filters remove the jet fumes and diesel odors that are drawn in from the heavily polluted outside supply air. As a result, our filters help ensure indoor air quality in airports is up to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards and meets all recommendations by EN 13779:2007.

Bruce Air Filter Company offers a full spectrum of filters to meet all airport filtration needs, including pre- and secondary filters, high efficiency filters, and gas phase filters to capture molecular contaminants.

Auditoriums / Arenas / Event Venues

The functional purpose of auditoriums, arenas, and event spaces makes it imperative to provide clean, comfortable air to these environments. Their complex ventilation systems require the right filters in place to ensure occupants remain comfortable, alert, and unaware of any atmospheric discomfort. This is no easy task.

First, the large, open spaces in these venues require a properly integrated ventilation system to adequately heat and cool them. This becomes even more cumbersome when occupied by hundreds or thousands of people.

Ranging from school auditoriums, basketball arenas, gyms, churches, and more, Bruce Air Filter Company provides filters for all applications in this segment.

Providing clean, comfortable air is difficult, but the air we breathe should not be compromised. We at Bruce Air Filter Company are committed to bringing the best solutions for maximizing indoor air quality.


Air filtration in all manufacturing applications is critical, but the magnitude and importance of it in the automobile industry surpasses most others. Bruce Air Filter Company offers proven process protection to OEMs, tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 suppliers.

Of particular importance in the automotive industry are the paint spray booth facilities, which require a cleaner process and atmosphere than almost any other industrial application. Bruce Air Filter Company provides products that surpass filter requirements for both air intake and overspray in these booths, which are continuously supplied with filtered air to optimize quality, health, and safety to people, process, and equipment.

We also provide high temperature filters and oil mist filters for use in automotive manufacturing applications. The high temperature filters are used in curing ovens during manufacturing, and the oil mist filters gather oil particulate and smoke that would otherwise contaminate the process throughout.

Automobile manufacturing is a delicate process, and Bruce Air Filter Company possesses a portfolio of products equipped to protect every step of it.


Cleanrooms are used in many different industries and settings. Because of this, not all filter solutions transfer from one setting to the next. Whether it is manufacturing, research, semi-conductors (see: microelectronics), biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, or anything else, Bruce Air Filter Company’s products are proven to provide clean, comfortable air while protecting the fragile processes taking place.

From ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 9 cleanrooms, we provide solutions for all possible classifications of a cleanroom facility. Our ample portfolio of products includes 99.99% HEPA,95% DOP and activated carbon filters, and high performing pre- and secondary filters to exceed the needs of any cleanroom ventilation system, assisting in maintaining desired air pressure levels while filtering dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and potentially dangerous chemical vapors.

The delicate processes that take place in cleanrooms cannot be compromised, and air quality is an integral part of the equation. Our products make sure the air stays clean, safe, and up to required standards. Excellent air quality produces excellent results.


Studies show that people spend nearly 90% of their time indoors, and that indoor pollutant levels are typically 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollutant levels – and sometimes as much as 100 times higher. Additionally, indoor air pollutants have been recognized as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.

We provide a complete line of HVAC filter solutions, from low efficiency disposable to high efficiency, anti-microbial filters, all of which are effective and can be found in any climate across the globe. We can meet any commercial filtration challenge with our range of products, many of which are LEED certified and can contribute to earning tax rebates on energy use.

Ultimately, it’s about clean, comfortable, odor-free air for the people who are breathing it. Research shows that better indoor air quality improves worker productivity and reduces sick leave, and the products we provide are an important part of accomplishing this.

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Food, Beverage Processing & Packaging

Air filtration in food processing is one of the most important and far-reaching applications, and not just because of the potential financial ramifications that could result from contaminants infiltrating the process. More importantly, millions of people’s health and well-being could be affected, which is why it is such a highly regulated industry.

Knowing how delicate and far-reaching food and beverage processing is, Bruce Air Filter Company offers a range of fully complying filters to serve the industry at every point in the process. Whether a benign or ultra-sensitive part of the food production process, Bruce Air Filter Company’s filters will keep the plant’s air clean, comfortable, and contaminant free.

Our portfolio includes products with anti-microbial treated media and corrosion resistant frames to ensure that there is no filter breakdown that could lead to bacteria growth or leakage.

Gas Turbine / Power Systems 

Gas turbines are located in some of the most extreme climates all over the world, and Bruce AirFilter Company can provide the right solutions for any condition. From the hot, dry, dust-ridden desert to the freezing temperatures of the arctic and everything in between, our filters protect the gas turbine system from corrosion and erosion, ultimately extending the lifespan of the turbine and decreasing maintenance costs along the way.

With the best materials in the industry, we are committed to providing filters with low pressure drop, high efficiency, and long life span – everything desired in a gas turbine air filter. Our filters ensure that the air entering the turbine is as clean as possible, for it contributes to turbine efficiency and blade cleanliness, an integral part of reducing maintenance costs and down time.

Our portfolio of products includes a wide variety of panel and bag filters, moisture-removing filters, high efficiency and HEPA filters, and pulse filters to exceed the demands of any gas turbine. So whether it is a standard static system, self-cleaning pulse system, or an offshore/marine system, Bruce Air Filter Company has the appropriate filter solution for all gas turbine needs.

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Government Facilities

When it comes to the air filtration of government facilities – ranging from indoor gun ranges, office buildings, cleanrooms, and hospitals, to name a few – Bruce Air Filter Company providesfilters that can handle any challenge.

Gun Ranges 

Air filtration in indoor gun ranges is of great importance. The amount of lead (Pb) in the air is an OSHA-regulated issue. Not only are there dire financial consequences for failing to adequately provide clean air, but the health of the shooters, employees, and their families is at stake as well. Lead is extremely hazardous, and it’s important to filter it out of the system.

From pre-filters, carbon filters, secondary filters, and HEPA filters, our solutions offer extremely low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity – important in a heavy dust loading environment such as a gun range – ultimately leading to lower energy costs and prolonged filter life. Whether a range possesses an energy efficient, recirculating ventilation system or a 100% supply air system, the air needs to be filtered before circulation, recirculation, or exhaustion.

For years, Bruce Air Filter Company has been supplying filters to municipal and private gun ranges. We firmly believe that we have the best filter solutions for providing clean air to both patrons in the gun range and the environment outside.

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Healthcare / Hospitals 

There is perhaps no place where clean air is more important than in the hospital and healthcare setting. Maintaining high indoor air quality might very well mean life or death. Hospitals, operating rooms, dentists, medical offices, morgues, waiting rooms, cafeterias, research centers, veterinary offices, assisted living facilities, and other healthcare applications provide challenging designs to meet all the requirements to protect patients, visitors, and staff from a broad range of airborne hazards.

Bruce Air Filter Company provides air filters for all healthcare applications, ensuring that infectious bacteria, pollen grains, dust, and fungal spores do not contaminate the air supply. Air quality takes on even more importance as patients in hospitals and other facilities are more inclined to have compromised immune systems, making them more vulnerable to infection.

In addition to protecting people from airborne bacteria, proper filtration in healthcare is necessary to protect equipment and processes. Both standard HVAC filters and gas phase filtration should be used to critically evaluate and solve any potential air quality concerns.

We have worked to help provide clean air solutions in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, dentist offices, and operating rooms. Still, it is important to note that using the most effective and efficient air filters in healthcare is only part of the overall air quality management in these environments.

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Manufacturing Solutions

We have the tools, experience, and products to provide employees and equipment with the comfortable, clean air they demand for healthy and safe working conditions. Safety in manufacturing comes before anything else, and air filtration is part of the equation.

In addition to providing comfortable, clean air to the facility, it is important to filter any hazardous exhaust produced as a byproduct of the manufacturing process. We have filters to manage this process of manufacturing as well, customizable for solutions to unique problems.

Bruce Air Filter Company provides pre-, secondary, activated carbon, and high efficiency filters to meet any manufacturing facility’s needs.


The manufacturing of microelectronics necessitates the cleanest of cleanrooms. A few stray particles can have dire consequences on yield rates in production. Standards are high and requirements are likely to increase as technological advancements continue to drive down the scale of microelectronic components while increasing output. As such, air quality is of the utmost importance, and both particulate and molecular contamination needs to be accounted for.

For particle filtration, Bruce Air Filter Company provides HEPA and ULPA filters to the required specs of the client. We have the experience and expertise to produce filters at the highest standards demanded in the microelectronics industry and are continuously improving our products to further outpace the competition.

Because gas molecules are not collected by even the most effective ULPA filters, gas phase filters are necessary to prevent airborne molecular contamination (AMC). Bruce Air Filter Companyprovides heavy duty activated carbon filters to eliminate unwanted gaseous molecules that detrimentally affect the yield rate during microelectronic production. Not all microelectronic manufacturers use gas phase filters, but as the industry becomes more aware of AMC’s effect on yield rate, the use of gas phase filtration is increasing.

Museums, Archives, Libraries

Museums, archives, and libraries serve a critical purpose in our society today: they preserve our heritage, history, and culture for the future. Artifacts, books, artwork, historical assets, and much more are entrusted to these institutions in order to protect and preserve. So who do those facilities trust to help keep their air clean and contaminant free, optimizing conditions for their fragile contents?

Trusted to provide the protection needed, Bruce Air Filter Company’s range of products – including pre-filter pleats, high efficiency filters, and activated carbon filters – can help solve the complex problems presented by ventilation systems for these unique indoor environments.

While temperature, relative humidity, lighting, ventilation systems, and other factors contribute to preservation, our products help eradicate molecular and particulate contaminants that deteriorate sensitive paraphernalia.p

To remove damaging molecular contaminants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone, Bruce Air Filter Company provides activated carbon filters blended with potassium permanganate. If not adequately filtered, the molecular contaminants can deteriorate artifacts by chemically breaking them down, making them brittle, yellow, and fragile.

Particulate contaminants can stain or cause corrosion to the artifacts, depending on their size and integrity. The best way to prevent this is to filter both make-up and recirculated air. Ideally designed ventilation for museums, archives, and libraries include three stages of filtration, two of which are particulate filters and one molecular. The particulate filters include a pre-filter and a HEPA filter.

While no filtration solution for any two museums is the same, Bruce Air Filter Companyprovides filters to meet any challenge in the industry. We take very seriously the responsibility to preserve our history, heritage, and culture.

Odor Control

While gas phase filtration is used for removing molecular contaminants in the air, it is also used to remove odors. Without question, indoor air quality (IAQ) is a legitimate concern, but oftentimes it is incorrectly associated with an odor, making the absence of any distinctive smell – such as cigarette smoke, vehicular exhaust, and food preparation – imperative for occupants of and visitors to a building.

For some commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, airplanes, and apartment complexes, among other structures, it is extremely important to maintain an odor-freeenvironment so the occupants are comfortable. Otherwise, the unpleasant odor can have seriously detrimental effects on a business.

Bruce Air Filter Company’s extensive range of gas phase filters include activated carbon pleated filters, chemically enhanced carbon pleated filters, high capacity gas phase adsorbers, and ultra-high capacity gas phase adsorbers, all of which effectively and efficiently remove unpleasant odors, providing better IAQ and a more comfortable indoor environment.

Paint Booths

There are very few – if any – industrial applications that require a cleaner process and atmosphere than paint spray booth facilities. Bruce Air Filter Company provides products that surpass filter requirements for both air intake and overspray in these booths, which are continuously supplied with filtered air to optimize quality, health, and safety of the people, process, and equipment involved.

Our intake pre-filters and high efficiency filters remove otherwise damaging particulate from the process. On the other end, our overspray filters remove any paint mist that is hazardous to the health of workers, the manufacturing processes, and the external environment when exhausted.


In the life sciences industry, regulations demand the highest quality standards for end products as well as documentation of the manufacturing process, which takes place in the strictest cleanroom environments. Rightfully so, too, as the goods produced affect millions of people every day.

Bruce Air Filter Company can provide all the necessary filters to meet the strict regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. From low efficiency pre-filters, high efficiency secondary filters, and final HEPA or ULPA filters, all available for high temperature applications or with anti-microbial treatment, we truly have it all. Each filter is individually tested at rated flow before shipping out to the client. Additionally, each shipped filter contains the authorized results of the filter test.

While we offer a full spectrum of the necessary standard HVAC solutions and HEPA/ULPA box filters, we also provide disposable ducted ceiling modules frequently used in pharmaceutical applications and laminar flow equipment.

Schools & Universities

Education facilities are home to the growth of our future leaders and those that teach them.Providing clean and comfortable air and high indoor air quality is essential for creating a healthy learning environment. Research has shown that indoor environment can play an integral role for the people in these facilities, potentially triggering health problems like asthma and allergies, leading to absenteeism and poor academic performance for both students and teachers. Additionally, providing high quality indoor air reduces the stress on and deterioration of the building itself.

However, providing high indoor air quality to these institutions is no easy task. Schools can be challenging for HVAC service providers because of the vast amount of indoor environments therein, including but not limited to classrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and cafeterias, all of which have different air quality standards and individual challenges. Moreover, classes such as photography (darkrooms) and chemistry (experimental laboratories) molecularly contaminate the air. All of these things must be taken into account when designing and providing air filtration in the ventilation system.

The good news is that Bruce Air Filter Company has been helping these institutions solve these academic challenges for decades now. We have the product portfolio to meet any needs in the education sector, whether it is standard HVAC panels, activated carbon filters for gaseous solutions, or high efficiency filters. Bruce Air Filter Company cares about the leaders of our future, and we offer the finest products to help create the finest learning environment.

Our filters can currently be found in a countless number of elementary schools, high schools, and renowned universities.